Public Adjuster Firm Membership Fees

The annual dues amount for a member firm is determined by the number of licensed Public Adjuster and Independent Contractor individuals at the firm, plus branch office fees (if applicable). Rates are as follows:
Public Adjuster Individual - $750
All licensed public adjusters at the firm must be enrolled.

Independent Contractor - $240
All 1099 employees that perform services on a full-time or part-time
basis on behalf of a public adjusting member firm.

Branch Office - $290

Weblink (optional) - $400

With a weblink add-on, your website will be linked right into your directory information for consumers to utilize when searching for assistance with their insurance claim.



The maximum amount for any combination of Regular and Associate individuals is $7,500, regardless of the size of a firm. There is an additional charge of $240 for each Independent Contractor and $290 for each Branch Office.  A firm’s web address can be added to the online NAPIA membership directory for an additional $400.

Fees for Independent Contractors, Branch Offices and Website are not included in the maximum membership dues amount.

Bonus for new members! First year's dues are 50% off. Click here for details.
Application Process: The application review process takes approximately 30 days. All information must be received to start the review process. If for any reason an application is not approved, any fees submitted will be refunded.
Click here to apply online or download a printable Membership Application for PA's and Firms