Membership Details

Public Adjuster Member
Public Adjuster members are firms that provide public insurance adjusting services on a full-time and professional basis adjusting first-party property claims for owners of fixed properties -- commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, and/or residential -- that have been damaged by causes covered by insurance. Claims may also include financial losses involving business interruption, rental income, improvements, additional expenses, etc.
There are three types of individuals at a firm that must be enrolled. They are:
- Owners, partners, and officers must be enrolled as a Regular individual.

- All licensed adjusters must be enrolled as an Associate individual.
- All 1099 licensed adjusters who perform services on a full-time or part-time basis for or on behalf of a member firm must be enrolled as an Independent Contractor
Every Regular and Associate individual has access to all services and activities and is entitled to vote in any meeting, election or ballot process. Independent Contractors have all of the same privileges but are not eligible to vote. 
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Affiliate Member

These are individuals, partners, corporations, and nonprofit organizations who are not engaged in public insurance adjusting. No individuals, partnerships or corporations who or which are engaged, to any extent, in the profession of public insurance adjusting are eligible for Affiliate membership.
The Affiliate member category includes companies that supply products and services to public adjusters, individuals such as attorneys, accountants, and other professionals involved in the insurance field, nonprofit organizations, and anyone who wants to support NAPIA.
Affiliate members are presented with an exceptional opportunity to solidify relationships with public adjusters while supporting the profession they serve.
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