President's Message

Hello NAPIA Members,
I am writing this letter to you coming out of our Long Range Planning Meeting in San Antonio.
Recently, NAPIA officers, counsel, past president Jeff Gould and David Barrack spent several days going over the last year and also planning the future. It has been an honor to serve as your President this last year and I am excited to pass on the reins to Clay Morrison at our Annual Meeting in Galveston, TX.
Many of you may have received a phone call about your NAPIA membership as we were attempting to understand our organization and the people inside it better. We took a day to review those surveys. We are happy that many of our efforts are well received and we also see that we have some areas to improve. We want to meet our members needs. We want to make sure that every member no matter how large or small their firm is seen and heard. We are doing great things at NAPIA and the first thing we learned from the surveys is that we need to do better at communicating these efforts. We will be sending newsletters with a short synopsis of what we are doing after officer meetings.
We are working in Louisiana with a lobbyist and our attorney to create statute that will allow public adjusters to be able to adjust on a percentage fee basis. We are working in Iowa with a lobbyist and our attorney to address and shut down a bill that would not allow the appraisal process to address causation. Whether you work in either state or not these two issues can impact your business greatly. If a bad law happens somewhere it can have domino effect in other areas. Please consider donating to these causes.
We are also busy updating the bylaws to make them more current with the times. We will have those to everyone soon so that they can review and we can vote at our member meeting in June.
Lastly, your incoming President, Clay Morrison, has decided to drop the black tie dress code for the annual banquet. He is going for a more Texas approach to the banquet and we are excited about having a different theme this year. Look forward to the first ever Texas Formal banquet. We can't wait to see your best boots and jeans and look forward to celebrating in a way that honors our new President as well.
Until next time and with best wishes to you all,
Anita L. Taff, CPAU, NAPIA President