Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Lauds NYPAA and NAPIA for Strengthening PA Laws

The New York Public Adjusters Association rightly called us out for a misleading statement in an article in the Oct. 1 Fraud News Weekly about new regulations covering public adjusters in the state.
As the NYPAA and Coalition member the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) point out, we were incorrect to suggest the new guidelines sought to reign in an industry composed of “unsavory public adjusters who prey on consumers.” The new regulations are the result of legislation the NYPAA worked to pass in 2013 to strengthen New York's public adjuster laws, the Association points out. Those efforts combined with a seven-year process of NYPAA leaders working with the Department of Financial Services to develop the new regulations, which provide practical guidance to enforce the original law the NYPAA worked to draft. “[W]e strongly support and helped draft all of the anti-fraud, pro-consumer protections created; particularly those dealing with conflicts of interest regarding contractors,” the NYPAA notes in a letter to the Coalition. The Coalition builds bridges and strong ties among the diverse interests of our members, who all fight insurance fraud. NAPIA and the NYPAA consistently combat fraud, at the national and state levels. They are at the forefront of battling consumers being defrauded by contractors, and are shining a spotlight on contractors' corrupting influence on insurance claims. The Coalition learned something in this process, and we hope our readers do as well. Thank you to the NYPAA and NAPIA. Keep up your great work in fighting insurance fraud.