Iowa Insurance Commissioner Seeks Extensions On Derecho Related Claims

The Iowa Insurance Commissioner is pleading with insurers to grant extensions arising from losses affected by the Derecho occurring one year ago. Iowa has a one year statute of limitations.
In a recent bulletin, Commissioner Doug Ommen is warning insurers who fail to grant extensions that they are at risk of bad faith actions ( 
If you are aware of instances where insurers are refusing to grant extensions in Iowa, NAPIA encourages you to let the Iowa Department of Insurance know. Please provide the name of the insurer, the exact nature of the claim, why the difficulty exists in filing the claim (Covid, supply chain, materials, etc.). It will be important to let the Department know the details of the problem. NAPIA has also alerted the local news media in the area of the Derecho about this matter.
If you are seeing extension challenges in other states, please provide details to NAPIA ( so we can monitor the situation of extensions across the country.