Paul Cordish Writing Competition Topics Announced

Each year the NAPIA Past Presidents Committee submits a list of topics related to public insurance adjusting for students at the University of Maryland School of Law to write research papers. The topics for 2021 are: 
  1. Should insurers be required under Civil Authority provisions to pay for COVID related business interruption losses if the policy does not contain a VIRUS exclusion?
  1. Should insurers be able to avoid coverage for COVID-19 claims solely on the basis of the virus exclusion, and, additionally, would the answer be different in states that adopt the concurrent causation doctrine vs. states that adopt the competing efficient proximate cause doctrine?
  1. Should the impact of business conditions caused by the COVID-19 virus be considered in measuring Business Interruption losses arising from other perils wherein the period of interruption includes as least in part the period of time impacted by COVID-19?
  1. When a policy insures multiple identified location (with and/or without differing ownership interests) under a “Blanket” limits of liability, and further provides distinct “Sub-Limits” for various extensions of coverage, such as Communicable Disease, is the Sub-Limit available and responsive to each of the insureds and insured locations listed in the policy that sustained business interruption losses relating to COVID-19, or is the insurer only obligated to pay up to the stated Sub-Limit in the aggregate for all locations?
  1. How should the addition (inclusion) of a Communicable Disease Exclusion under a separate coverage part, in a policy that does not contain a VIRUS exclusion in the Building & Personal Property Coverage form, nor a VIRUS exclusion in the Business Income form, effect the coverage consideration for business income claims under the Civil Ordinance provisions relating to a COVID-19 claim.
A University of Maryland School of Law faculty committee selects papers to be forwarded to the Paul Cordish Writing Competition advisory board for evaluation. The top three papers receive a substantial award.
Recipients of the Paul Cordish Writing Award are announced in May and recognized at the NAPIA Annual Meeting.   
Winning papers are posted at
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The Paul Cordish Memorial Foundation was established in 2006 in memory of the late NAPIA Executive Director and Counsel, Paul L. Cordish, Esq., to ensure the future of the association and the profession he nurtured and served so well.