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Jeff Gould Receives Prestigious NAPIA Person of the Year Award

Anita Taff, a NAPIA Past President and current member of the NAPIA Board of Directors stated, "Jeff Gould epitomizes the gold standard of public service. He gives unselfishly of himself to NAPIA and his clients. He is an incredibly dedicated and loyal individual, always willing to assist NAPIA leadership when called upon. His knowledge of current and historical legislation is unsurpassed. NAPIA is a better organization because of Jeff Gould. Congratulations Jeff, recognition as person of the year is well deserved!"


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Loss Proceed Pitfalls: How a Name Can Wreck a Claim

"It was probably an electric fire. Those can get out of hand fast. Calls were made, sirens sounded, and thousands of gallons of water doused the flames. Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson weren’t even home. They wanted a couple of weeks away. Instead, they spent the next four months living in a hotel, waiting for the check that was supposed to restore their lives. Including lenders on loss proceeds checks can slow repairs, send insurers on wild investigations, and lead to tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary additional living expenses. Don’t believe us? Keep reading. This case study explores a meandering, real-life insurance claim that followed the fire described above. It’s a story of good intentions met with life-altering delays, wasted time and money, and a dispirited policyholder.

All because of a name."


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Insurance adjusters battle low pay, long hours, declining authority, trade groups say..

Adjusters are often the first representative of the insurance company on the scene to assess a home destroyed by fire or storm damage, or a vehicle totaled in an accident.

Traditionally, insurance adjusters filled a key and respected role arbitrating fairness between often-distraught victims and their insurer.

Those days seem to be in the past, industry leaders say. Compensation, working conditions, dwindling responsibility and increased regulations are all thorny issues for insurance adjusters.


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