The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) was established in 1951 to promote a higher standard for policyholder advocacy. Public insurance adjusters are licensed to serve the general public and deliver knowledgeable and experienced representation when filing a claim for property damage. The founding members of NAPIA envisioned an association that would provide the appropriate resources for policyholder advocates in pursuit of successful claims resolution. 
The original members set aside their competitive interests, choosing instead to band together for the greater good of the profession. For more than 69 years NAPIA has provided a forum for public adjusters nationwide to share their knowledge, accomplishments and challenges in handling residential and commercial claims.
Members assist one another to address issues within the first party property insurance claims community and support a platform designed to impact legislation, regulation, accreditation and consumer awareness. Committed leaders travel the country volunteering their time and expertise to participate in matters to safeguard and promote the profession.
The association offers benefits that include networking events with continuing education recognized by state insurance departments across the nation, representation by experts in legal, legislative and regulatory matters, a "find an adjuster" referral service and other marketing opportunities, access to cost-saving products, and more.
The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters continues to elevate the practice of public adjusting. Members are held to the highest standard of professional conduct, ethics and integrity. If you are ready to be the best professional you can be for your clients, then apply today.
If you are an insured seeking the services of a public adjuster, please access our online directory to find a NAPIA member to serve your needs.