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Paul Cordish Memorial Award

The Paul Cordish Memorial Award Foundation was established in 2006 in memory of the late NAPIA Executive Director and Counsel, Paul L. Cordish, Esq., to ensure the future of the association and the profession he nurtured and served so well. Each year the Foundation funds a prize, award or fellowship for students at the University of Maryland School of Law who successfully compete in a writing contest or other competitive process based on criteria developed in consultation with NAPIA and approved by the law school. Entrants in the competition may choose any topic they wish so long as it focuses on public insurance adjusting.

To enter the competition, authors must have completed the first year in the full-time or part-time program at the University of Maryland School of Law or have been accepted as a transfer student at the time of submission. All applicants must currently be enrolled as a candidate for a J.D. degree and be in good standing at the school at the time of submission. No paper that has been published previously in any form will be considered.

A University of Maryland School of Law faculty committee selects papers to be forwarded to the Paul Cordish Memorial Award competition advisory board to choose the winning entrant(s).

Recipients of the Paul Cordish Memorial Award are announced in May and recognized during the NAPIA Annual Meeting in June.

2007 PCMA Papers

"Plain Meaning or Fuzzy Interpretation? The Future of First-Party Property Coverage for Mold," by Jason McCaul

"Civil Authority Order Provisions in Business Interruption Insurance Policies: Why the Unique Circumstances Surrounding the Hurricane Katrina Evacuation will Result in More Policyholder Recoveries than those Received by 9/11 Policyholders," by Jennifer Cook

"To-may-to, To-mah-to; Act of War, Act of Terrorism: How Semantics in Insurance Contracts Affect the Public Insurance Adjuster,"by Megan Reuwer


2008 PCMA Papers

Nearly Blown Away: How Policyholders Affected by Hurricane Katrina May Recover Under Their Homeowner’s Insurance Policies in the Face of Anti-Concurrent Causation Language,” by Austen Endersby

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Anti-Concurrent Causation Clauses Enforcement and Implications,” by Kimberly Myers

When the ‘Business of Insurance’ and the State Action Doctrine Burden the Public Adjuster: Stripping Away Antitrust Immunity in the Insurance Field,” by Julie Galbo


2009 PCMA Papers

Toward National Uniformity in the Treatment of Public Insurance Adjusters Under State Unauthorized Practice of Law Provisions,” by Clayton Solomon

The Impact of the Financial Crisis and the Global Economic Downturn on the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry as it Pertains to the Public Insurance Adjusting Profession,”   by Christina Pavlus

Rating the Rate System: A Review of Florida’s Endorsement of Contingency Fees for Public Adjusters,” by Jessica Marks

2010 PCMA Paper

"Commercial Speech in the Sunshine State: Florida’s Forty-Eight-Hour Ban on Solicitation by Public Insurance Adjusters Is Unconstitutional and Bad Public Policy," by Peter Heinlein

2011 PCMA Paper

"Sawgrass Mutual’s Prohibition on Retaining Public Adjusters: Public Adjustment Faces a New (But Surmountable) Hurdle in the Sunshine State," by Melissa Clarke

2012 PCMA Paper

"Shifting Gears Toward Better Enforcement of the Prohibition against the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting," by Josh Shettle

2013 PCMA Paper

    "Overhead and Under Paid - A Review of the Inclusion of General Contactor Overhead and Profit in Property Claims,"

    by Brett Baulsir