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The Association gives public insurance adjusters an edge by providing members with the information, tools, and opportunities that allow them to succeed professionally, including members-only networking events, discounted rates for conferences and seminars, use of the association’s highly respected logo, a company listing on the NAPIA website, advertising discounts, frequent legal and legislative updates, and access to online forums with other members.  Membership offers benefits to firms of all size.  Click here to learn more from a member.

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Public Adjuster Member

These are firms or individuals who serve as public insurance adjusters on a full-time and professional basis in the adjustment of first-party claims for owners of fixed properties -- commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, and/or residential -- that have been damaged by causes covered by insurance.

Claims may include financial losses involving business interruption, rental income, improvements, additional expenses, etc.

The Public Adjuster category includes three types of members -- Regular Members, Associate Members and Independent Contractor Members.   Individual owners, partners and officers in a public insurance adjusting company must be enrolled as Regular Members.   All non-clerical employees must be enrolled as Associate Members.   Public Adjusters who perform services on a full-time or part-time basis for or on behalf of Regular Members, but do not fit in either the Regular or Associate Member categories, must be enrolled as Independent Contractor Members.

Every Regular Member and Associate Member has access to all services and activities, and is entitled to vote in any meeting, election or ballot process.   Independent Contractor Members are not eligible to vote.

Affiliate Member

Individuals, partnerships and corporations not engaged to any extent in the profession of Public Insurance Adjusting, shall be eligible for Affiliate Membership.

The Affiliate Member category includes: Vendors/Suppliers of products and services to NAPIA members; Individuals such as attorneys, accountants and other professionals who want to support NAPIA activities; and State Associations.

Affiliate Members are presented with an exceptional opportunity to solidify relationships with Public Adjusters while supporting the profession they serve.

Membership Fees

Regular, Associate and Independent Contractor Members

The Membership Fees for a Public Adjuster Member is determined by the number of claims professionals in your organization. That fee is calculated as follows:

Regular Members $1,000 each
Associate Members $435 each
Independent Contractor Members $220 each

There is a maximum membership fee of $6,225 for Regular and Associate Members.   Therefore, the membership fee for Regular and Associate Members cannot exceed $6,225 regardless of the size of a member organization.   There is an additional charge of $290 for each branch office and a fee of $300 for a direct link from the NAPIA web site to a member site.   Independent Contractor Member fees, branch office fees and web site fees are to be paid in addition to the maximum membership fee.

Affiliate Members

There are three categories for Affiliate Members Vendor/Supplier, Individual and State Association. The prices for these memberships are as follows:

Vendor/Supplier $1440 each
Individual $720 each
State Association $720 each


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